What Is Anti-Reflective Coating And Why Do I Need It?

If you’ve purchased glasses from us before, you’ll definitely have heard us talking about the benefits of Anti-Reflective Coating, or AR Coating as we call it.

But for those who aren’t familiar with it, you’re probably wondering what this additional coating is and whether you really need it?

There are two big benefits to having AR Coating on your glasses – improvement in vision and appearance.

Anti-reflective or anti-glare coating eliminates reflections of light from the back and front surface of lenses. With fewer reflections, more light passes through the lens to the eye enhancing vision and making lenses look more transparent and attractive. You’ll be able to see from the photo below, the difference between glasses that have AR coating and glasses that don’t. The reflection becomes particularly obvious in photos, videos and in brightly lit environments.


The visual benefits of AR coating include less glare and sharper vision. Many people complain of halos or stars around lights at night time which is caused by glare or discomfort during prolonged use of electronic devices. AR coating reduces this glare resulting in sharper vision and comfort. Here's the difference AR coating can make during night time.

AR Coating - Driving.png

Our premium anti-reflective coating also has antistatic and hydrophobic properties incorporated which prevents water spots from forming and makes lenses easier to clean.

Some people find that their glasses are harder to clean with AR coating. It does take a tiny bit more effort but it’s definitely worth it. We recommend cleaning with a lens spray and every so often washing your glasses in warm water with a mild detergent then drying with a non-abrasive lint free cloth or lens cloth. We have lens spray in store for $5 and offer free refills.

If you have any questions on anti-reflective coating or anything else eye related, feel free to pop in and see us at Eyecare Plus Miami or contact us!

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