How-To Make the Most of your Health Fund Benefits

Whether you pay it annually, quarterly or monthly, health insurance with extras cover can be a significant expense.

Benefits for many of the major health funds expire on December 31, and do not roll over into the new year.

If you are paying premiums for extras cover it is important to make the most of your annual benefits before they expire.

5 ways to make the most of your extras cover:

1: Second Pair

You may have your go-to glasses that are fitted with the lens you need.

Could it be time to spoil yourself with a second pair of frames?

Refresh your look, have that second pair for special occasions where you might want to glam it up a little. After all, it's not as though you wear the exact same outfit every day so why should you wear the same glasses every day?

2: Spare Pair

So this one might be a little more practical.

Have you ever arrived into the office and realised you will have to suffer through the day as you have left your glasses at home?

Do you ever have the issue of locating your glasses when sitting down to read?

Invest in an inexpensive pair of spare reading glasses that you can keep in the office, by the bed or in the car for those moments when everything seems lost.

3: Prescription Sunglasses

This will solve the ongoing swap between you favourite sunglasses and prescription glasses (that you can actually read or see out of)!

Isn't it frustrating being that dag at the beach wearing your sunglasses OVER your prescription glasses just so you can enjoy reading your book or the weekend paper?

What about driving in to the harsh sun then trying to read the road signs?

Use your benefits to put towards a pair of lenses that transition when exposed to sunlight, or better yet you could splash out on some prescription sunglasses!

4: Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are increasing in popularity in Australia. Contact lenses have come along way in the last five years, with the latest technology focusing on providing the perfect balance of all day comfort and moisture.

Contact lenses can be prescribed and worn in addition to owning glasses and they open up a range of possibilities for people to partake in activities where frames can be an interference such as swimming, sports, dancing.

Contact lenses are dependent upon your prescription, so speak to your local optometrist about a contact lens consultation.

Need a Contact Lens Consult?

5: Eyewear for Sports

Are you active outside or involved in a specialty sport where great vision is key to performance?

Perhaps it is golf, archery, or even sailing.

Sports eyewear can be tailored to assist with your accuracy whilst at the same time protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays whilst outdoors.

Your Health Fund Benefits reset every 12 months. This could be at the end of the year, on the membership anniversary year or the end of financial year. Make the most of your Health Fund and look to claim your optical benefits with Eyecare Plus. Eyecare Plus are independently owned Optometry Practices and each one of them can assist you with all of your eyewear and eyecare needs and can help you make the most out of your Health Fund Benefits.

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